Monday, October 17, 2011

Breakfast, Genevieve in a New Pink Nightie

I made it with a pattern and pink striped flannel from Mrs. R.  But I really Grandma Weavered the size:  it was a size 2-3-4 pattern and Genevieve is almost 6.  I just cut it out bigger - not recommended, I know, but as this was a loose nightie, I thought it was worth the experiment.  Turns out, the nightie might be big enough for next year too.
It's pink.  It's not pants.  It has a kitty button.  Genevieve is very pleased.


Kristen said...

Very cute, and you have a lovely model! :) Good work on the upsizing- nothing wrong with a too-big nightgown. It's more cozy that way.

BLD in MT said...

It looks great, one would never know you Grandma Weavered it!

So, no sleep pants for Miss Genevieve? I just recently returned to nightgowns after decades in sleep pants/t-shirt. I really enjoy them. You make me wish I had a flannel gown! It would be perfect this time of year!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I'm not sure which is more darling, the nightie or the model.

Margo said...

BLD, she wants to wear dresses all the time, which does NOT, I have learned, mean skirts or pants. I indulge her when I can (she needed something to sleep in - I can make a nightie). But here in the thrifty household, she needs to wear what is easy to provide. And most of the time, she doesn't kick a fuss.

I love the IDEA of nighties, but they always end up twisted around my knees, ha, so I wear very nice thrifted flannel jammies :)

Sarah Barry said...

what a sweet gown. g looks so cute.

Beth said...

You did great, Margo! :-)

Several of my girls have almost always been "and it's not pants" kind of gals, too.