Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday Dinner: German Pork Chops (and a New Dress!)

put pork chops and homemade sauerkraut (a gift from Rebecca) in fridge to thaw
sew G's dress
Sunday morning
layer chops and kraut with apples,onions, caraway seed - set on timed bake
wash and prick potatoes; put in covered casserole with some butter and salt; also in oven
re-sew G's elastic cuff (refrain from swearing in front of the children)

Sunday noon
set table
mash potatoes
grate carrots and dress; pile on lettuce leaves
set out horseradish pickles

Now, more importantly, Genevieve has a new Sunday dress.  I realized she had no winter dressy clothes Saturday night as I was trying to lay out clothes for the morning.  I mean, I sort of realized she had nothing, but all of a sudden I had to finish the dress I had leisurely cut out and laid aside a week ago.

Fueled by horseradish pickles, guacamole chips, and Ghirardelli dark chocolate with orange and almond, I finished that dress.  At midnight.  Full moon.  And I made all the dumb mistakes you can make on a dress, but I fixed most of them.  The lace at the wrists still has black thread showing (I'm going to fix that. . .sometime).  The neckline still has an oopsie tuck.  On straight seams, the plaids don't match  (it's not very obvious).  I also lost elastic down its casing no less than four times. 

On Sunday morning, after Genevieve had put on the dress and started eating her Cinnamon Flop,  the elastic in one of the wrists snapped from its casing.  Grimly, I whipped out my sewing machine and fixed it.  Again.  And marched off in triumph to church. 

Am I going to make more Sunday dresses?  We'll see.   I am going to sew a pinafore for this one, in any case. (pattern, fabric and lace all from Mrs. R)


Tracy said...

What a lovely sounding meal! I adore sauerkraut and pork together.

Genevieve's new dress is pretty too, and though it sounds like it was a task to finish, she looks awfully happy in it!

Jennifer Jo said...

That first picture of G leaning on the door looks like it's from a magazine!

kim said...

Beautiful winter dress and look at those pretty shiny red shoes (there's no place like home),lol, Wizard of Oz, one of my favourite films.

You cook such fantastic meals......when can I come to dinner?.........
florrie x

BrotherDearest said...

In situations like that elastic, I like to complete my triumph by privately flipping the bird to whatever was kicking my butt, and declaring under my breath "I WIN!"

Margo said...

Florrie, you come visit and I will cook for you - gladly!

Bro, so much more creative than what I said. Thanks.

Jacinta said...

YUM YUM! I like how you break down your weekend!
And yay for the new dress. My hubby is off for 5 days for a work conference so I'm dedicating the quiet evenings to SEWING SEWING AND MORE SEWING. I haven't sewn much lately and now I will do it!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Despite the headache the dress is darling. So are the shoes.

Anonymous said...

G's very pleased expression makes up for all the sewing woes, don't you think? And I go through the exact same process when fixing my sewing mistakes: refraining from swearing in front of the children. (the dog doesn't count)