Thursday, October 7, 2010

Clothes for Ben's Baby

Look at that proud big sis!  She asked for her sewing kit and made, entirely of her own initiative, plan, and construction, a little robe for Ben's baby with a tie and a neckerchief.  I'm so tickled.

Ben dearly loves his babies, both the toys and any real ones he sees.  He asked me recently, "where people get babies, Mommy?  Us get a baby?"  Try explaining that to a two year old. . . 

Here he's kissing his baby.

Since we're on the subject of dolly clothes, I photographed some that I made last year For the Record. 
Here is Evie's pink bear, Joey, dressed as La La Rose.

The dolly clothes below were in Genevieve's Christmas stocking.  The bib is reversible. To me, the yellow print is every little girl's dream of babies; I fondly recall cutting pictures of bottles, diaper bags, strollers, and cribs out of the Sears catalog and yearning for all the pretty paraphernalia of babies.  I thoroughly enjoyed outfitting my real babies.


Anonymous said...

AG was avidly examining Ben's picture and his babies. Her proclamation: "WOW." I second that emotion! What darling clothes and what a darling boy.

Beth said...'s all so sweet. Ben's babies, the baby outfits...but my favorite? The fact that you cut things from the Sears catalog. I did the same thing!! I'd browse through all those adorable baby bedding items, bassinets, and decor, choose my favorites, and daydream about the future...:-) You made me smile!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Oh, sweet Ben! My grandmother made oodles of doll clothes for my sisters and me. Like you, we flipped through catalogs and drooled, but then were happy with homemade items (made with love).

And Little Miss G, won't she be a resourceful little mama someday?!

kim said...

How lovely, and look at how pleased she is with herself........sisterly love.
florrie x

Melanie said...

I just love how pleased Genevieve is about her accomplishment :-)