Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grocery Shopping, Urban-style

We have a farmer's market downtown, two blocks away (one of the reasons we bought our house). 

When I was pregnant, I shopped for a stroller based on my market shopping needs.  It needed to be sturdy with plenty of storage.  Rain protection was a bonus.

We bought this Dreamer Design jogging stroller from a city friend and I am amazed at how much storage it has - pockets in the hood, pouch and water bottle pockets on the back of the seat, and a big basket under the seat.  I also hang stuff on stroller hooks.  The rain shield zips in and out of the hood - so nifty.

Here's a recent market haul, a little on the small side, but I go past market frequently because of taking Genevieve to preschool, so it is easy to pick up more groceries as needed.

Another day, a raft of leafy vegetables.  My neighbor admired my "plants" and looked startled when I explained that it was food.

The stroller fork snapped a few weeks back, and I was scratching my head about market shopping (ok, actually, I was wailing as if the world had ended and then shopping for a new stroller when Ben is two-and-a-half and getting big enough to walk all the time) and my patient, clever husband fixed it with J-B Weld.  Their tagline is "don't scrap it  - J-B Weld it!"  Amen.


Mr. Thrift said...

"Patient" husband? Wow. There you have it from one who knows me intimately.

I'll keep this in my back pocket for future use. "No Dear, I'm not being slow, I'm being patient."

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

How lovely that you can easily walk to the market. I envy that. Don't love how walking knits you into the community in ways that car transportation does not?!

Tracy said...

"My neighbor admired my "plants" and looked startled when I explained that it was food." - Oh, how funny! I find it hilarious that people have no idea what "real" food looks like, much less how it grows.

My husband would be so proud of your husband. J-B Weld is his best friend, next to me, of course.

Anonymous said...

Ben seems to really enjoy your stroller. Lucky woman! Now that LB can run, she hates to ride in the stroller. It would explain why I so rarely shop.

Unknown said...

That's a great stroller - and the best part is shopping fresh veggies and locally made dairy products - how great is that?! I bet those 'plants' smell so good when you get them home : )

Deanna Beth said...

You do have a great market.

Emily on the Southern Prairie said...

'My neighbor admired my "plants" and looked startled when I explained that it was food.'

Wahah! Thanks for a morning giggle. :)

kim said...

What a very sturdy stroller, I've seen some strollers that are so flimsy they can barely carry the child, let alone all the shopping us mums have to cope with.......I sometimes get some funny looks when I'm carrying what seems like half a jungle home in my wicker basket after a visit to the farm shop.

Unknown said...

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