Friday, October 22, 2010

School Morning Breakfasts

Baked Eggs (from 1954 Joy of Cooking)

6:30am  grease ramekins, break an egg in each, top with cheese, glug of cream
6:35 am  eggs in oven at 350; hop in shower
7 am dressed, showered, eggs done.  Get the children up!
7:10 am make toast and coffee
8 am hopefully everyone is fed and dressed - leave for preschool

Refrigerator Bran Muffins (I use the More with Less recipe)

Same timeframe as the baked eggs - however, you can store a giant batch of muffin batter in the fridge for 2-3 weeks.  So you get the warm house (important on nippy fall mornings before the furnace is Officially On), scent of baking muffins, and nutritious breakfast all for the price of mixing up a batch!  Thanks to PunkRizz for the idea.

  We like ours with applesauce and a slice of cheese on the side.  They're sweet enough that we eat them with no spreads and my children haven't noticed.  In fact, Ben calls them cupcakes. 


Unknown said...

Very good breakfasts! Such a good mommy : ) Love the baked eggs - will have to try that one!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Good ideas, school morning breakfasts can be tricky. I've actually been thinking about making a weekday breakfast schedule, or sorts... I think Beth does this. Oatmeal on Monday, Eggs on Tuesday, Muffins on Wednesday and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Delicious! A question: I don't have any ramekins for the baked eggs, but I have got some custard cups, do you think those would work as well?


Margo said...

Birdy, if you mean little glass baking dishes, then yes. Ramekins are essentially ceramic custard cups. I hope you like the eggs!

Shasta said...

I looked up the bran muffin recipe, but don't know what kind of bran cereal they're referring to... I was picturing regular flake cereal in a box, but maybe not? (then what makes it 'ready to eat'?)
You made it sound yummy, so I want to try it.

Margo said...

S, I had the same question for PunkRizz. You can use any breakfast bran cereal - AllBran, bran flakes, etc. I used bran flakes and just smooshed them up a bit. If you have a bran cereal that's sweetened, adjust the sugar accordingly in the recipe. Also, I have been too lazy to fetch my frozen blueberries, but you can add fruit or nuts to the muffins too.

Laura said...

Yummy! I think I might try the baked eggs for my teen-age son. He usually eats scrambled eggs for breakfast, and your recipe would be a nice change.