Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to Play with Winter Squash

Make a squash baby.  With its heft and curves, a crook neck pumpkin is very pleasing to hold.

Set up a nursery in front of your mother's stove.

Protest when your mother observes the baby is getting rotten and ready for the compost pile.  Ask her what rotten means.

Go off to sew dolly clothes for Ben's baby.


Beth said...

You could write a little book on the many ways to use/store/cook/decorate with squashes! :-)

And, Margo, I wish I could give you a huge hug and in person thanks right now, because...

We've had our biggest fruit fly invasion ever and I tried your cider vinegar trick last night, and within 2 minutes, they were dropping like, well, flies!! This invasion shocked me, because we saw about two flies, then there were dozens upon dozens suddenly (well, I guess that's all it takes is two, right?).

Problem was, I couldn't find the source. Finally, today, aha! A part of a banana peel, fallen down out of sight in the pantry!

Anyway, thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Whaahha! Love this.

Melanie said...

What a sweet, creative daughter you have :-) Setting up shop in front of the stove reminds me of something my sister and I used to do when we were little - pile all of our "necessary belongings" onto an old blanket and drag it around the house "camping" at various locations - in the kitchen under Mom's feet, under the dining room table, smack blocking the front door... ;-) Some of my favorite memories!