Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I finished making applesauce at least two weeks ago, but for various reasons, here are the photos (one of the reasons is two teaching gigs - which is also the reason why I've been posting less).

Above is a vat of cooked down apples.  After I wash the apples, I just chop them into quarters and cook them, skins and cores and all, until they're soft.

Then I put the cooked apples through the Foley Food Mill I inherited from my mother.

No sugar needed this time!

Yield from one bushel apples:  16 quarts canned applesauce . . .

. . .and 13 pints frozen applesauce.  I used glass pints for the freezer for the first time.  And this is my new-to-me freezer!  We had maxed out our other 3/4 size freezer and my husband had the bright idea of buying a small freezer to complement instead of trying to replace our old freezer with a big one.

This freezer is upstairs in the old kitchen that we gained when we renovated this spring.  We've got ideas for the old kitchen, but not fixed plans.  So for now, the freezer hums away in the torn up kitchen.

I found this little freezer on Craigslist, managed to borrow my father in law's pickup truck, and bought it for $50 from a dear older couple who is moving to a retirement home.  Turns out, he was my father in law's dad's insurance agent (the Ben my son is named after).  And her name is Cosma - isn't that lovely?  Purchasing their freezer pleased me on all levels.


Unknown said...

Love applesauce - so good for you. I use a victorio, but the foley would be less set up and clean up, I'll keep my eyes out for one : ) Love the picture of all the jars lined up outside and your beautiful little boy in the window!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I've got apples on hand to make applesauce for Baby Sister... I just need to get busy like you!

kim said...

You are so organized with your preserving. We also have what we lovingly call our overflow resides in the shed, the only problem being is no-one wants to venture out in the cold in mid-winter to get what's needed.
Sweet, happy face at the window.
florrie x

Laura said...

What a lovely story to go with your freezer. I loved the connections!

Margo said...

Florrie, I know. Now I've got one freezer upstairs in our warm house and one that requires a trip through the cold to get to it in the basement.

Amy said...

I greatly admire your organized canning skills. It all looks so delicious!