Wednesday, October 27, 2010


You heard of ants on a log, right?  Banana smeared with peanut butter with raisins perched on top.
Well, this is ants on a log with butterflies (popcorn).

This is Genevieve's creation:  fish in the ocean (apple).

Another Genevieve creation.

Truly, most of the time, I hand the children half an apple each and shoo them outside.  I put peanut butter on it if I'm feeling tolerant of mess or they have a while to wait until dinner.

What do you give your kids for snacks?


Jennifer Jo said...

In our house, ants on a log = peanut butter and raisins on celery.

Now that the kids are getting older, I don't hand out snacks all that often. It's nice. When I do, thought, there are often apples or carrots or the food that they didn't finish at the previous meal. This afternoon they'll finish up the leftover baked oatmeal from yesterday morning. Sometimes a cookie or piece of cake. Pretzels.

You Can Call Me Jane said...

Dried fruit, cheese, apples, popcorn, and (once in a blue moon) pretzels. I am very tough when it comes to snacks, though. Only if we're off our meal schedule some how do I allow them. I find meal time goes much better this way. Oh, and I'm a water-pusher:-).

Unknown said...

They get a mid morning (10:30) and mid afternoon (3:30) snack. Bread and butter, carrots, cheddar bunnies, or a cookie. We have a very healthy cookie recipe, so I feel good about that snack : ) It's got whole wheat flour, oats, honey, eggs, etc.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I hand out the same foods you do: popcorn, apples, bananas, peanuts, raisins. Sometimes yogurt and granola, or cheese cubes. I love G's creations; childhood creativity is pure delight.

kim said...

What wonderfully creative children you have, and healthy eaters too.
My teens are old enough to choose their own snacks now, but when they were small one of their favourites was fruit kebabs........pieces of fresh fruit,(pineapple, grapes, bannana, mango, apple and whatever else could be found in the fruit bowl), skewered onto a wooden kebab stick. When they were really small I made faces out of the fruit and arranged on a small this day they still love fresh fruit.

Thanks for the lovely comment on my last post, it lifted my spirits.
florrie x

Anonymous said...

Mid-afternoon is usually peppered by apple pieces, pear, grapes, or whatever fresh fruit is in the house. Cheddar bunnies or pretzels are allowed in the car if we're traveling. Before bedtime I mix up a "milkshake" of whole yogurt, a banana, frozen blueberries, wheat germ, and rice cereal for thickening.

Deanna Beth said...

My friend Erika's mother gave the children free range of the pantry at their family Christmas and told them to recreate the Nativity. They used marshmallows for the sheep and stick pretzels to outline the stable. It was cute. Some of Evie's creations remind me of that.

Margo said...

DB, that is a GREAT idea. I hope I remember to do that with G at Christmas!