Monday, October 11, 2010

Making Sunday Dinner for Mystery Guests

I've explained before our church's practice of host families.
Well, yesterday, we were the host family.  I did not feel comfortable taking photos, but I so adore photos with posts that I submit, instead, Genevieve making a jungle gym where there is none in our passage way (photos by my husband).

the menu:

green salad with peppers, radishes, carrots, cukes
blood orange sorbet
ANZAC Biscuits


-make ciabatta, using this recipe (it's essentially New York Times No-Knead bread)
-thaw ricotta
-make ANZAC Biscuits


make pasta
make lasagne, freeze
fetch sorbet
put board in table

Sunday morning
wash and chop lettuce - spin and then refrigerate in salad spinner
chop up salad veggies and put in salad bowl in fridge
put frozen lasagnes on time bake

Sunday noon
put olives in a bowl
set table
make vinaigrette
combine and toss the salad
warm the ciabatta in the hot oven

This is the third time we've been host family and here is what I've learned:

Stick with familiar dishes - ones that I am confident making, that are generally liked.

Make a vegetarian meal.

Do as much as possible before Sunday noon.

Make an effort to relax and focus on the guests - the good food and clean house are supposed to aid the fellowship, not be an end in themselves.


Tracy said...

Good tips! We've done this for years(played host family to people visiting our church) and it's always received so well. Sometimes our guests stayed for hours and we felt like we had new friends by the time they left.

Shasta said...

I've never made pasta and I'm quite intimidated by the thought. Perhaps you can ease my fears sometime with some tips or recipe. :-)

Margo said...

S, I've linked to my pasta tutorial now in the post. Here's the link as well:

I really don't consider it hard to make pasta - just needs time to plan ahead and roll out. But it's not a skill like baking a cake or making pie crust :)

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I love how your church has a formal rotation for hosting guests. It's an excellent way of keeping hospitality top of mind and insuring that visitors are never overlooked.