Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday Dinner: Baked Potatoes with Greek Pesto

My supper notebook reminded me of this Sunday dinner from last fall:

oiled baked potatoes
Greek pesto (oregano, garlic, olive oil, salt)
caprese salad
gingerbread with lemon sauce and a little spoonful of plain yogurt

So good together, so balanced, so easy, that I did it again.

make lemon sauce
make Greek pesto

Sunday morning:
set potatoes on timed bake
get gingerbread from freezer to thaw

Sunday noon:

make caprese salad (I made it fast by just chopping and mixing the ingredients)
set table

This was actually Sunday dinner from two weeks ago.  Yesterday, our good friends Rachel and Peter were the host family and they invited us for dinner.  They served taco salad with a plethora of fixin's and cheesecake (made with local chevre!) with home-frozen sour cherries.  Lovely.  And very clever for a crowd-pleasing, vegetarian-option, easy to make dinner.

What did you eat for dinner yesterday?


Unknown said...

Yesterday we had whole potatoes (crock pot, water, garlic salt, 5 hours on high), the last of the green beans from our garden, and roast chicken. I had a sewing class in the afternoon so I put the roast (with white whine, garlic, onions, and salt) in at 250 before I left. When I got home everything was done, except the green beans, and those were quick : )

Unknown said...

oops wine, not whine ; )

kim said...

Your gingerbread and lemon sauce looks and sounds scrumptious, I love anything that contains ginger, my naughty snack is crystalised ginger straight out of the packet.
Our dinner yesterday was a very simple affair of homemade butternut squash, red pepper and lentil soup with a homebaked gluten/wheat free farmhouse loaf, very warming in this chillier weather.

Note on the pickled onions.....we usually eat them in a "ploughmans lunch" which consists of a selection of different cheeses, thick cut crusty bread (lovingly known as "doorstops", beefsteak tomatoes and various pickles and chutneys, (there is actually a pickle called "ploughmans pickle), sometimes it can alo include cold meats as well.........all this together is referred to as "a cold collation". Although the teens like their pickled onions with good old British "fish'n'chips".
florrie x

Jacinta said...

Last night we had hamburgers. I make the patties myself.
Inside we usually have, gherkins cut up, sliced tin beetroot, lettuce, sliced tomato, cheese, mayo, mustard, tomato sauce.
YUM! My toddler will eat a whole one which always amazes me. :)