Thursday, October 28, 2010

Repotting the Ancestral Jade

When my grandmother died a number of years ago, she left a lot of beloved, flourishing houseplants.  I have two of them:  a Wandering Jew and a baby jade plant.  My sister got the mother plant (at least 2 feet across and 3 feet high before it got frail) and we can only guess at its age.  We have worried and fussed over our grandmother's jade plant, with much less success than she did.

After a sunny summer on the balcony, my jade was outgrowing its pot and splaying dangerously.

Now, almost two weeks post-repotting, I think it will be okay. Worry. Fuss fuss.

I loved my grandmother dearly and she died before I came into my own as a homemaker, before my children were born.  Tending her plants, sewing, and using up leftovers keeps me close to her.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, and your plant looks content in its new home. My plants inevitably fall victim to spider mites. (shudder) I'm relieved to live vicariously through yours.

Deanna Beth said...

What a great post. I've been bringing in my houseplants from their courtyard summer home and fretting over one or two of them. A little ol' lady from church gave me a big African violet this winter. It was bigger and healthier than I'd ever seen. And I cared it right into its sickbed. I think I'll be able to bring it back. (Crossing my fingers)

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Isn't it lovely how plants can connect you to someone you loved who is gone. We have the professor's grandmother's schefflera plant and I lovingly tend it in her memory.

Margo said...

DB, I killed my husband's grandparents' African violets a few years back. And now I have the perfect filtered bright light that they like. sighhhhh