Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Baking

Outside, about two feet of powdery snow and still snowing.

Genevieve on the sliding board at the park.

It's too deep to be fun for Ben.

Inside, I'm baking. And wishing I had more outside plans ruined by the snowstorm so I could really notice this gift of time. But the baking is very much inspired by the snowstorm, so I'm feeling nicely snowed in.


Anonymous said...

Hey! The red bricks with snow....fabulous picture! What fer cake is that? It looks all lovely and pound-y.


Margo said...

ha - that is a Christmas gift cake mix! It's mocha cake with chocolate chips and it could have been baked in layer pans, but I had to justify my bundt pan. It was so sweet it didn't need a drizzle, hence the "snow" of powdered sugar.

Beth said...

I just tried your Asian Crockpot Beef. Oh my. Having NEVER in 10 years of marriage (or before) made a successful, tasty, roast - I'm SO pleased, happy and ready to dig in!! Wonderful!

Thanks so much :-)

Margo said...

Beth! You're welcome! I'm so pleased - and I'll pass on the compliments to the friend who gave me the recipe.

Anna said...

How very, very cozy!