Thursday, February 11, 2010

Little Sewing Projects

I didn't plan to have three quilts in progress now, but I do. Quilts are enormous projects, so I turned to some quick fixes to satisfy my need for some closure.

First up was some attention to my Genevieve. I felt like I said no constantly to her yesterday and I resolved today would be different from my end.

I told her to choose a decorative stitch from my Bernina, and then we sewed a decorative edges on plain cotton batiste hankies. I had blue thread in the machine for another project (you can just glimpse the pattern envelope behind my machine). It tickled me to watch her pick the stitches, bypassing flowers and hearts for geometric shapes.

When her mom-attention tank was filled up (whew), I turned my attention to other sewing. A few weeks ago I chose and cut out 11"x17" flannel pairs for baby burpcloths. Last night, in a quick 15-minute snatch before dinner, I sewed them together with a spot left for turning. While talking weather with my dad on the phone after dinner, I turned them right side out. This morning, finally, I topstitched them. Now I have two baby shower gifts for little sweetie girls coming up.

In life before children, I would have sewed these in one fell swoop, but now I have to seize pockets of time. I feel even more victorious for getting things done in such midget bites!


Christian - Modobject@Home said...

The "mom attention tank" I love that! So very, very true. You are a good and attentive mother. Nice stitching, Genevieve!

Your burp cloths are adorable!

LiEr said...

Hey Margo, thanks for commenting! I love that photo of you and Genevieve sitting contentedly at your machine. My kids climb all over me when I'm at the machine so I now stand and sew. How desperate can a person get to fit some sewing time in?! That old treadle - yes, it sews quite differently from an electric machine- like you have to turn the fabric around to "backstitch". But there is a lot more control. I suppose that's why dad uses it for leatherwork. After all, there is no room for seam ripping with leather!

Beth said...

Sweet and cute burpcloths! And hooray for mommy/kid time, especially when it teaches a skill - double good!

Unknown said...

sweet! kid time is the best! nice post!