Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Packing Snow

Finally after a few weeks of melting, the snowmageddon has turned into packing snow!

So my husband and daughter built a snowman one afternoon and came in breathlessly looking for something to make eyes and mouth; luckily I had a carrot. But what's a modern family with no coal pile or wood pile to do for the rest? I seized the little plastic food from Aunt Shana, clapped it in a plastic bowl, and handed it out to the excited builders (my husband is an architect - this is loosely in his line of work, see).

I am posting about this because it was a handy solution to a problem that I'm sure will come up again as my children get older and climate change gets more dramatic (and tonight 4-12" of snow is predicted, for pity's sake).


Beth said...

I just cannot imagine such profuse amounts of snow! Cute snowperson!

Hey, thanks for that recipe! I really appreciate it!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

We used sweet gum balls for facial features on our snowmen, but of course we didn't have feet of snow to dig through to find them!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Shana approves - especially the eye brows! Aunt Shana also approves of the birthday pin!! I have a mirror over my fireplace that I love because it is plain, but that said, it is Ikea plain. I put a tiny tape roll behind the pin and put it on the corner of the mirror - Fab! :)

Anonymous said...

New-ish to your blog, and wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying getting to know your modern family with the plastic food and the plastic bowl. Looking forward to more clapping, more pitying, and lots more pics of adorable children.