Friday, February 26, 2010

Flowers are Blooming (but alas, only on my needle)

It is indeed snowing outside and blowing so hard the snow is not even settling charmingly on the trees. Sighhhhhhhhh . . . a perfect time to remember the little flowers I stitched a few days ago.

Now that my sis-in-law has her birthday flower, I can reveal them. The yellow one with the black yarn center went to her, and I was on such a roll that I made the blue and white one for myself. I'm picturing it on my denim jacket with my yellow linen skirt, tanned legs, and by gum, my pretty yellow slides. Please God, soon.


Shasta said...

simply darling. your design?

Margo said...

s, yes!

Beth said...

Isn't it satisfying to make something pretty? (Not that I make anything pretty - I do not have the crafty gene)

And yes, Lord, please send spring quick! (And we're not buried in snow like you are and I'm still so ready for winter to be done!!)