Friday, February 19, 2010

Purple Eggs

When you save the juice from pickled red beets, then you get to marinate hard boiled eggs in it for at least 12 hours. And then you have purple eggs! Which also taste delicious.

I've also had mustard eggs at a local restaurant, chopped atop a spinach salad with mushrooms and sunflower seeds, and I recall vinegar eggs from the movie Dances with Wolves. But I wonder: could you marinate hard boiled eggs in any sauce? I can think of some I want to try: dill pickle juice, curry paste, some kind of Asian soy sauce dressing. . .

Have I lost my mind or does this sound good?


Janelle said...

Reminds me of these delicious (and beautiful) creations that I once made for a party:

I'm also intrigued by the dill pickle juice.

Margo said...

Janelle, I love your weird-sounding recipe so I'm definitely going to make it. So pretty too.
And since I posted this, I did talk to my friend Rebecca who has done the pickle juice and she says they're fantastic. So basically, I think I'm going to experiment with any sauce I have (hoisin eggs, kimchi eggs, pickle relish eggs, . . . ketchup eggs? maybe not)

Anonymous said...

...And on the subject of using dill brine to pickle eggs....the results make out-of-this-world egg salad.


Crystal said...

For the first time in a while I made some hard boiled eggs and the kids were excited about them, especially Zachary. Hopefully the chickens will start laying eggs again soon so I'll extra eggs. I think trying other marinades sounds like fun. I'm not sure what ketchup would do, but I think it would make a good dip.

Oh and I think I'll make the rusks, thanks for all the good ideas.