Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Halloween Recycled

For some extra oomph to our dress-up suitcase, we get out the Halloween costumes. Genevieve was a bear and Ben was a tiger. When J came to play last evening, they roared around in great fun. J wore a tiger headband that came from Genevieve's first birthday party - the theme was animals.

The tiger is still clutching his cleaning cloth from when he "helped" me clean the bathroom.

A further note on thriftiness with Halloween costumes: so far I have not asked my children what they wanted to be for Halloween. I procured the costumes at a price and place I could manage (the crazy shopping that accompanies holidays gives me the heaves). I'm already planning that Ben will wear the bear costume this October because it will be close to his size and since we own it, it's the cheapest costume I could get.

Lest you pity my children, I'm sure they will figure out that they could request a certain costume in the years ahead. And because I'm banking on their creativity and thrift, I'll just lead them to the scrap bag.

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