Friday, December 9, 2011

Mixing Up More Hot Cereal

Now it's getting cold around here.  Hot cereal tastes good in the morning!  I've been eating mine savory, with cheese, spinach, and walnuts.  The rest eat theirs with raisins, brown sugar, milk, and tahini.

To keep the cost down, I excluded amaranth from the mix here.  Before mixing, I snapped a photo of the striated layers.  From the bottom, it's rye, buckwheat groats, millet, and spelt.  Sometimes I grind up some oats or wheat, or add some cornmeal for a change of flavor.


  1. I'm impressed. Oatmeal is the only breakfast cereal that gets eaten around here, though I'd like the variety you have.

  2. I love the layered effect of your breakfast cereal, I have seen something similar with cookie mix in a glass jar labelled 'Cookies For Santa'.........something I was hoping to getting around to doing for the grandgirlies so they could bake them Christmas Eve.
    lily x


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