Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Sweets to Please Me and the Children

Idea:  Make Christmas cookies and memories with the kids.

Strategy:  KISSS: Keep it small, simple, short. . . or risk the mama and kids escalating into tantrums of exhaustion and holiday disenchantment.


1.  Make 1 batch of gingerbread cut-outs with Genevieve and her friend, plus Ben.  Ben and I mixed them up before the girls came home from school.  No need to have so many cooks in the kitchen!  And no time for the camera, either, as I sped between kids to keep the dough pliable and the cut-outs on the cookie sheet.

2.  Another day:  ice the cookies with Italian meringue.  Let Ben do the sprinkles and the licking.  (Bonus:  TWO beaters when your sister is in school!)

3.  Make the fiddly kind myself in a small batch:  chocolate-dipped peanut-butter Ritz sandwiches.  I melted 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips with 2 teaspoons of vegetable shortening in my "double boiler" (bowl on top of pan).  I was warned by a veteran candy maker to avoid getting moisture in the chocolate and to avoid burning it.

And that's the end of our Christmas cookies this year.  Frankly, I'd rather just eat chips.  I think we succeeded in avoiding an overwhelmed-mother-tantrum while making memories, so I'm pleased. 

I didn't give Genevieve the idea that she was missing something because Ben and I did some of the fun work while she was in school.  She gets to do fun things in school without us!

Most of the cookies were eaten when our families gathered after Genevieve's school Christmas program.  We had eggnog, cookies, and candy and (thank goodness) pretzels. 


BLD in MT said...

Yum. And fun! I am glad it was a successful mission. I also just love that two handed beater licking!

Matt surprised me with a peanut butter fudge and white chocolate pretzels (my favorite) last night after dinner. Hooray for Christmas treats!

Jacinta said...

Looks tasty.... gingerbread men are on my list of things to bake this week... like the idea of doing parts of it when a child is at school (or in my case when it's nap time) so that there are no tantrums...
I'll hopefully get to make fudge this arvo! :)

Deanna Beth said...

Hey, look at you! Making baked goods when the kids have friends over!

Margo said...

DB, I must have gotten the idea from you!

sara said...

You should write a book......'The Art To Baking With Children Minus The Tantrums'........I think this time of year it would definitely be in the best sellers list. x

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I like your philosophy! This year I did all the dough mixing, cookie cutting, and baking on my own; only then did I invite the children to join me for cookie painting.

You gingerbread cut outs are making me entertain the idea of a third round of Christmas cookie baking.

Polly said...

I am so with you! I keep it pared-down as well because sometimes if I get ambitious and try to do too much, things go south. Keeping it simple is so much better during this season of life!!