Friday, December 30, 2011

Pity-Party Avocado Sandwich

I have gotten acid reflux and I can't stop obsessing over all the food I might not eat again without pain.  I started taking omeprazole this week - only $9 over the counter, far cheaper than a doctor apppointment and still reasonable this early in the game.  My faint hope is that I will be back to normal after 14 days.  My fear is that I will struggle with this, in spite of drugs and a limited diet, which is a reality for my mother and my best friend.

I snapped a photo of my avocado, salt, and sourdough bread lunch at my job this week - it's tasty and supposedly safe for someone with acid reflux.

Sometimes I face the acid with stoicism, with all my past adversities backing me up. Most of the time I mourn the food I love and complain that the universe is so unfair (this is ridiculous - my faith in God does not support this, but that's my honest gut reaction).

But one thing I am firm about:  continuing projects and work.  It's therapy to me, a kind of refusal to sink into the depths and cower on the sofa.  I finished a quilt last night - pictures coming soon!


Jennifer Jo said...

This sounds awful. What is it, exactly? I didn't realize it was a condition...

Sarah Barry said...

So sorry. No fun. Hope that it miraculously goes away or at the very least becomes manageable.

At least avocado is on the "good" list :) But oh, I'm thinking of all your homemade tomato sauce.

How long have you had this?

Lisa said...

Margo, I've heard and read in health-related articles that acid reflux in caused by too little stomach acid, and something about tightening of the sphincter muscle, which is causing acid to come up. And they advocate taking HCL for it, to improve digestion. I have heard this theory over and over. (but haven't tried it!)
Have you heard of this? You could look into it.

Margo said...

JJ, its official name is Gastro-esophageal reflux disorder (GERD). Stomach acid comes up into the esophagus, causing heartburn, upset stomach, gas, and acid in the mouth. It's usually controlled with a combination of lifestyle, diet, and medication.

Lisa, what is HCL? My google search doesn't give me a clear answer.

Anonymous said...

I have this too. It comes and goes and is worse around the holidays - especially after eating high fat foods (baked goods). The hardest part for me is to eliminate tomato products and citrus.

Lisa said...

HCL - sorry! - hydrochloride

It supplements the hydrochloric acid which we need to digest. :)

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Oh dear... but I do love avocado sandwiches. I hope your reflux is temporary or, at the very least, easily controlled.

Casee said...


Just discovered your lovely blog via Pleasantview Schoolhouse.

My husband has had acid reflux for years. He swears by sugar free gum. He chews it after every meal. Try least it won't hurt!!

Margo said...

hi Casee, thanks for the tip! I'm going to see how I feel after a round of omeprazole.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Hi Margo,
I am so sorry to hear you have GERD[acid reflux]. I have battled with this for years.It is terrible.
I take prescription strength prevacid[this is very similar to the prilosec].. I started out taking one 30 mg capsule a day with nearly complete relief. After several years, the doctor increased me to one capsule in the morning and one at night. It is such a wonderful relief.
I tried the over the counter ones, but did not get the same relief. My gastro doctor said, they are not as strong..
Sending prayers your way.. that God will help you with this.
I am so enjoying your blog.. God bless.