Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Pretty Banana-Shaped Squash

Suddenly, I realized I should use the autumn decorations - what am I saving them for?  In my roasting pan is a squash that was enormous - probably almost 18" long, 6" wide.  The shell was coral colored, and the flesh bright orange.  Pretty, right there in the midst of kitchen work.

But I want to change my tune into Advent because I am still lounging in autumn.  Seriously, some of that squash went into a pumpkin pie!  And I still have to tell you about my favorite dish at Thanksgiving. 

Today I realized that I have not gotten our Advent calendar out yet, nor am I enthused about Christmas cookies or trees.  Ben wondered if we were getting a Christmas tree today - um, no, it's easier to just do Saturday work around the house. 


Jennifer Jo said...

I want to hear about your favorite Thanksgiving dish.

I, too, am not yet into the Christmas spirit. We've started cookies, but minimally. The warm weather makes it feel not quite time.

sara said...

Come 1st December I'm always more than ready for the christmas festivities to commence..........of course we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in this country, so I suppose wer're more then ready for a winter celebration..........very cold here today too.

Saying all that, it would still be fun to hear about your fave Thanksgiving dish. x