Friday, December 23, 2011

Dark Days 4: Apple & Potato Latkes

I saw the latke recipe on the New York Times website, and saw how easily I could make local latkes.

apple & potato latkes with thick yogurt
French endive, arugula, red lettuce, and escarole salad with poppyseed dressing
pumpkin pie

I have clear memories of my mother's potato pancakes in my childhood.  We usually ate them with ketchup.  As an adult, I would prefer applesauce, except that I haven't made latkes/potato pancakes as an adult. 

The New York Times recommended Greek yogurt with cinnamon and maple syrup. I skipped the flavorings, and strained my homemade yogurt to make it thick. I saved the whey in the fridge to make oatmeal pancakes some day - does anyone know how long whey keeps?

I forgot to add the onions to the latkes - I was so disappointed! However, the meal was delicious and my family gobbled it up.

Also, you should know that squeezing the liquid out of the potatoes and apples resulted in a stained dishtowel.  When it was clear the stain would not come out, I folded it up and put it on the bottom of my dishtowel stack.  I will be making these latkes again (and adding the onion this time!), so I'll just re-stain the dishtowel.

Dark days ingredients, all local and where noted, organic:
organic potatoes, apples, milk (homemade yogurt), organic greens, organic pumpkin, cream, organic eggs, organic WW pastry flour


Jennifer Jo said...

Whey keeps forever and beyond. (You could always freeze it, too.)

That pie looks fabulous!

Lisa said...

Maybe Biz would get it out, Margo. It works quite well.

Beth said...

Sounds like a satisfying and healthful AND local meal. Great job!

Crystal said...

I've had whey go sour, guess I've kept it beyond forever! The meal sounds delicious.