Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cleaning Oven Hood Filters

My zone (deep) cleaning sort of went missing this year.  I'm trying to regain that routine - it always feels more germane in the dead of winter! 

I borrowed a trick from teaching days by putting my sheet of zone cleaning jobs in a page protector.  Then I use an erasable marker to cross off the jobs.  I can wipe it clean now, instead of needing to print off (and in the process, edit and fiddle and get distracted) a new sheet.

A recent job I did was cleaning the oven hood filters.  They were caked with grease and fuzzy with dust.  It's true!  I gently popped them out with their little pull tabs.  I laid them in a sinkfull of hot, soapy water.  After a while I gently scrubbed them a bit - not too much because that would destroy the grease-catching web.  I left them to dry for a while, and popped them back in.  Much better! 

I haven't done any zone cleaning this week - maybe because I'm not hosting any New Year's festivities?


Deanna Beth said...

I'm not hosting this year either. And I feel positively giddy with the freedom.

Rebecca said...

Oh, the hood filters...they almost make me want to burn the house down and start over from scratch.

Unknown said...

I know it seems logical to use seriously toxic cleaners for a nasty job like this but, it really is so no necessary. Not only is it not necessary, it can be dangerous for you (think of all the fumes you're breathing in), your kids, and pets. The thing with kids and pets are you never know what they are going to do.

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Oven/Cooker Hood Filters come up a treat in the dishwasher. I tried it a few months ago and have done it ever since. If only oven cleaning was as easy.