Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Journey Bag

As I made Kim's quilt, I prayed for her, smiled over memories (we've known each other since high school freshman year), and dreamed about her future. This is the third quilt I've completed, but it's the first one that makes me feel like an artist. I recall Kim's vision that started the quilt, fumbling around for fabrics, taking the advice of dear readers regarding Gee's Bend quilts, and getting deeply excited by my vision. Making this quilt has increased my confidence and vision as an artist (I'm an artist!) and given me new ideas to play with.

I can't imagine this quilt going to a stranger; I know Kim will treasure it and I'll see it from time to time, so I can release this quilt with a light heart.

The other morning, I made a traveling bag for the journey so Kim can take it safely back to the big city. I used only my scrap bag and tried to echo the theme of the quilt without using any of the actual fabrics (Kim wants the leftovers for her own projects).

I have a few ends to tie up:
1. name the quilt
2. embroider a name/date tag and attach it
3. "photograph the crap out of it" (says my husband)


Deanna Beth said...

Well done, Margo! Completion of a project is euphoric, huh?

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Beautiful! You're definitely an artist and a rock star... rock on! What a gift of love, and I love the convenient little traveling bag.