Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Last Blast of Winter: Two More Scarves

After the picnic, the weather turned frosty again. Ahhhhh, spring.

Before it is hot again, let's look at another winter scarf:

I knit that one a few years ago to go with my pale blue winter coat. The scarf is OK, but. . .yawn.

So here, I submit to you, another recent sewing therapy session. Inspired by the colors and weight of the previous scarf, I made a scarf for my blue coat that I LOVE.

One side is plaid. The other is pale blue silk (from an old shirt of mine that was stained) with red and a wild-card flowered rectangle. I interlined it with some leftover sheets from this project and then machine quilted it in red.

I LOVE IT because it feels good on my neck, it's reversible, and it's not boring. The right blue with a cherry red is so satisfying, isn't it?


Janelle said...

I made a scarf for Ryan for Christmas this past year out of old t-shirts that I LOVE! I made a trip to Goodwill and found 4 or 5 funky ones and blocked them together. Another fun project, which I thought could be a cute way to reuse fun kids' t-shirts.

Margo said...

Janelle, what a good idea! How exactly did you attach the blocks? Is it double thickness or not? I see lots of possibilities here. . .

Janelle said...

Yes, double thickness (you can select interesting blocks of the shirts from either side.) It's very soft. I just wrong-side stitched (like my official sewing terminology?) the blocks together and then top-stitched the edges. The ends are the sleeve edges and are open. I'll email you pictures.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a pattern for that knitted scarf? I would love to replicate it!

Thank you!


Margo said...

Hi Julie,
Thanks for asking - I'm flattered. It's very easy: I used a variegated yarn and a silvery-blue yarn together. They were the same weight, but added together, they had more heft. Then I used fairly thick knitting needles - maybe a size 13? I just knitted garter stitch 20 stitches every row until it was really long. I put tassles on each end with a crochet hook.

I hope that helps!