Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stocking Up on Cheap Cheese

When I go to the Amish store about once a month, I stock up on cheese because their prices are so cheap and I don't go out that way very often. The last two times I was there, the smiling cashier said, "you must eat a lot of cheese." Well, yes, but I was going to freeze most of the stack she was commenting on. Next time, I'll take note of the total poundage, For the Record.

Shredded cheese works best for freezing, because blocks of cheese will get a bit crumbly. However, I usually freeze blocks because that's what we use (I often will used sliced mozzarella on pizza, not shredded, because it's less of a mess).

The photo is of a block of Muenster at $2.35 a pound and some Swiss for about $4 a pound. I also usually get organic local raw milk cheese for $5-6 a pound. I've never seen better prices on cheese!

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craftycountrymomma said...

Thats not a bad idea when you come across a bargin on cheese, I do the same.