Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Duck Egg for Breakfast

We eat eggs about three times a week for breakfast, but recently we had a pleasant curiosity in our routine: a duck egg! Right now I have two friends who keep chickens and apparently A has ducks as well. So I get the random dozen of eggs and apparently the random duck egg as well.

It was a pretty pale green and slightly larger than the chicken eggs, in the shell and in the pan. We also ate cheese grits and toast from our daily bread.

The lord of the manor said it tasted just the same, but nevermind, it was a conversation piece while it lasted.

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Beth said...

Hey, Happy Birthday!! What a fun one you had, with so much thoughtfulness sent your way and some good indulgences!

I'm 34 come May :-) Right behind you!

Duck eggs. Hmmmm. Interesting to hear they taste the same. I eat eggs a LOT. Am still getting used to the "real" eggs from the farmer's market. They actually TASTE!

Thanks for sharing Mercies!