Saturday, April 24, 2010

Potholder for a Friend

My friend Marilou has a new green kitchen, but the potholder on display was blue and not in a good slanted way. I had fun digging through my scrap box and making a pot holder for her; she is funky and colorful, but Ron is less so (and he does a lot of kitchen work too), so I tried not to go overboard.

The value of such a small project, besides blessing a friend:
1. color play
2. using up scraps
3. practice quilting
4. and working with binding (I don't bother to cut it on the bias).

Eventually all my practicing might add up to a masterpiece. . .


Beth said...

this is one of my favorites so far! :-)

Celeste Bancos said...

What do you use as the middle layer of your potholders? I want to make a few for myself :)

Margo said...

Celeste, I have used old towels or a few layers of batting scraps or old felted wool sweaters. Sometimes I deliberately make a hotpad thicker, which also makes it more stiff, but sometimes I need a thinner, more pliable hotpad so I use fewer layers. Hope that helps!