Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miss Manners at Book Club

My choice for book club recently:  Miss Manners' Guide to Domestic Tranquility by Judith Martin (one of her shorter books at 372 pages). 

Miss Manners replying to a question on getting relatives to help with the dishes. . .

One should also factor in that relatives come in three generations. If yours are a generation older than you, the most you can do is to say, "Oh dear, I'm exhausted, but I hate to leave the dishes." If they are your own generation, you may say, "Do you want to wash or dry? (Modern version: "Scrape or load?") If they are younger, i.e., your children, you should say (not ask) pleasantly, "How about giving me a hand," as you point at the kitchen on your way out of it.

Miss Manners commenting on tidiness:

She does know that the notion that messiness is a warm and endearing trait, while orderliness freakish, enjoys amazing  success.  Even people who truly love order commonly refer disparagingly to their own good habits.
Such a fascinating discussion I forgot to knit.  But I did remember to eat my slice of Jewish Apple Cake, provided by Sue (I just provided the house and the coffee).


Jennifer Jo said...

So you recommend the book?

Margo said...

JJ, absolutely! I guess I didn't make that clear. Miss Manners is highly entertaining - crisp, droll, and educational. I love her books dearly and own several.

Eva Girl said...

I Love Miss Manners! She's so funny and right to the point : )

Laura said...

What a great book for a book club! I love Miss Manners!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I love the tablecloth! Miss Manners is a wonderful book club companion!

Jacinta said...

Never heard of her but TOTALLY agree with the dishes thing. haha.
Or if you want the men to help with tidying up, tell their wives what you want them to do and the wives will tell their husbands. Should work.
But doesn't work if the men are single as they somehow manage to grab a beer and group together as far from the tidying/washing up as possible!
And if Miss Manners has a suggestion for that please share! :D


Florrie said...

Sounds like an ineresting and entertaining book, I shall have to look it up at the local library. I could do with an educational, humourous witty read right now.
florrie x

Margo said...

Jacinta, my own suggestion for the single men is to tell them exactly what I want them to do. Even if they grew up in a normal household, most (not all) bachelor-types seem to have reverted to beer and eating straight out of containers standing up.
However, I did horrify one guy when I asked him to brush some mushrooms one time instead of wash them - he was worried because mushrooms are grown in manure. But really, it's not actually dangerous because it's pasteurized or some such :) And I didn't want soggy mushrooms.

Jacinta said...

LOL! Thanks Margo.
Since the summer party season is starting up here I'll have some opportunities to practice. :)

Deanna Beth said...

Dear, dear Miss Manners. I especially enjoy her tome on rearing perfect children.

emily on the southern prairie said...

I love that your book club picked this! Hilariousness/awesomeness.


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