Monday, April 2, 2012


I reached out to caress a pile of greens at a farmer's stand last week at market.  He yelped "stop!" and explained the greens were stinging nettle. 

Ah yes.  I recalled how Genevieve needed to pee when we were on a hike, so my husband and I stepped her off the path to do her business.  Sadly, we were so ignorant that we let her squat in a patch of stinging nettle!  And while she was whimpering and we were looking around in bewilderment, my former principal and his wife came hiking along and stopped to talk.  Oh my.

So.  I wore gloves to handle these weeds and I think I can now identify them.  I sauteed them in butter with a little garlic, and threw in some chard that was in the fridge too.  They were amazingly delicious. . .or was that the butter?  I usually saute my greens in oil or bacon drippings.

The children have been picking weeds for me too.  Thankfully my friend A gave me this miniscule vase to hold them.  I put the weeds in the photo of books I am selling in my etsy shop - a delicious old-fashioned romance by Emilie Loring and a charming devotional.


Unknown said...

Ooo yea! That stuff will get you! Poor girl. I'd read about it in my herb book after my son found it on a fishing trip - luckily his uncle identified it before they stepped near it. Fascinating plant!

Lisa said...

Isn't it funny that something you can barely touch is so good for you, and so edible.

A said...

O My. Please come harvest to your hearts content along our stream and in the meadow. We can keep you supplied all summer long! A friend from Germany showed us last summer how you can put it on a baking sheet in the oven until it's dried and crisp, sprinkle salt on it and snack down.

p.s. Those vases have been coming handy here too for the "Here Mama" baby flower findings.

Margo said...

A, that method of baking sounds like kale chips, which we love. I will surely come and harvest :)