Thursday, April 19, 2012

Daily Contentment

Pretty hotpads. I enjoy this other quilter's patchwork so much.  I wonder about her, back in the 1930s. . . what did she make this quilt for?  It was certainly used hard by. . . whom?

I like to pick out my favorite patch and pretend I have 5 yards to make a dress and what it would look like. I love non-matching patchwork so much. I made the binding on these hotpads out of three different fabrics, but they do kind of match; it's hard to turn off the MATCH button in my brain.

On their way to a customer.

Happy is a visit to my grandparents with my mom and children.  My children are so blessed to have known both maternal and paternal great-grandparents.

Grandma had just finished looking through her recipe box with Mom and me, discussing chiffon cakes.  Cakes make me nervous. 

Grandma is holding the rainbow pictures Genevieve and Ben drew for her birthday.  She turned 90 on St. Patrick's Day and we sent her a card (this year!  I'm not always that thoughtful or organized) - the big party is coming in May so we can celebrate Grandpa's 90th too.

Funny is this picture that Genevieve copied, of her own initiative.  It's the first picture I've seen her do that didn't come from her head.

Real is this 5-Minute Salad I made, thinking how the children would all love it.  I love jello salads, although I consider them dessert.  I served some to the children as an after-school snack instead of the usual apple.  They didn't like it and didn't finish it, even after Genevieve suggested some pecans on top.
I collected these snippets as part of Leila and Rosie's post on everyday contentment.


  1. The pictures with the grandparents are so cozy ...what a great memory!

  2. Haha- I have a match button in my brain, too! :) I think the potholders are perfect.
    I've often thought that recipe sounded as if my children would really like it, too- now I'm not so sure! :)
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a beautiful blouse your little girl is wearing in that bottom picture. Such a timeless classic piece.

  4. Hi Faerieeva! Thank you so much - I made it for her and there are doggies facing the collar. The blog post is here:

  5. What adorable pot holders... I too, always wonder , when I see an old quilt or handmade tablecloth..What the lady was like that made them? what she used them for? So interesting.
    I love the photos of the kids with grandparents.. SO special are our grandchildren...

  6. Cakes are nothing to be nervous about. Pies are.

  7. Pies are my favorite treat. I worked hard to develop my mad skilz so they don't make me nervous - but I still have to concentrate.
    Cakes. Ha. I rely on the crazy recipes like Wacky Cake and I just squeak by.

  8. Love the picture with the great-grandparents. My daughter is also lucky enough to have a full set on my husband's side (89 and 91) and my Grandmother (91).

    Also loved seeing the corelle dish with your pot mits. I have the same pattern:)

  9. I'm wishing evil thoughts on my potholders so I have a reason to buy some of yours. I'm a sucker for patchwork.

  10. I'm loving those potholders they are great. I love the last picture of your daughter she looks os sweet. I really wish we lived closer to the grandparents! Blessings! Kyle


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