Thursday, April 5, 2012

All in a Day's Bus-Ride

Most of the time I take along a book or magazine for the bus ride.  I have knitted dishcloths.  I have tried to knit socks, but I am setting that aside for now. 

At first the socks felt like a puzzle to me (or what I imagine puzzle-lovers enjoy because I have never experienced that joy) and I was up for the challenge.  Now I have set the blasted business aside for a season - I started a single sock at least 20 times and my husband can verify that number for you.  I'm also tired of those double-pointed needles pointing into everything.

Quite happily, I handstitched the binding on these hotpads from the cutter quilt.  The sewing flew along so quickly that I finished them going to and from work on the bus!  They're in the shop.

I'm taking up Leila's invitation to link up, even with just one pretty photo.


Jennifer Jo said...

I've already put away my knitting for the summer. I can't bear to touch the yarn when it's warm outside.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

It is always so nice, to accomplish something, while riding.. And really passes the time..ha
I dont knit..but would love to learn.
Love your pot holders. So cute.

Shannon said...

Very pretty hot pads, that reminds that I need a few more, dear husband is always complaining he can't find one.

You posted more than I did this week!