Monday, April 16, 2012

The Week in Suppers: mid-April

Monday: my husband heated up leftover Nigerian stew and made rice and a green salad to go with it
notes:  This was a stew recipe recommended by Rebecca, made for a Maundy Thursday meal at church; I made a double batch because I was suddenly worried that I hadn't made my assigned 10-12 servings.  As usual, I had lots of leftovers.  The recipe is from Extending the Table.  Beans, curried tomato sauce, and cabbage.  As Rebecca suggested, I omitted meat.  It was good.

The view on the way to my job one morning last week.

Tuesday: white bean stew with rosemary, garlic, and leg of lamb from the freezer; homemade flatbread (actually, flour tortillas, but this wasn't a Spanish meal, you know?); green salad with my signature vinaigrette, leftover pan eclairs
notes: The lamb was tough, but tasty.

Wednesday: leftover Easter hamballs, buttered noodles, and a green salad
Notes: We all screeched in the door from various directions at 6pm.  Supper from the microwave.  TV-dinners, Thrift-at-Home style!

Thursday:  sesame noodles with first asparagus, blueberry ginger tart

Friday:  Thai rice and beef with cilantro and chopped peanuts as garnishes, cabbage & lime salad, the rest of the blueberry tart
Notes:  This was an excellent combo.  My sister joined us for dinner before she and I went shopping together.

Saturday: black bean sweet potato enchilada bake with salsa, cilantro, and plain  yogurt; green salad with Trisha's French dressing; tapioca pudding with strawberry sauce
Notes:  My in-laws joined us for dinner after my father-in-law and husband were hanging drywall all afternoon.  I wanted to have a hearty dinner that wasn't too much work for me as I was at a fundraising banquet earlier in the day.  The tapioca and sauce was a real hit.  I had the enchilada leftovers in my lunchbox today.

Sunday: roast beef, oven mashed potatoes with garlic, green salad with French, the leftover tapioca pudding with strawberry sauce
Notes:  Trying to use up the garlic - it's starting to sprout.


Tracy said...

Mmm... it ALL sounds so good!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Inspiring. We had black bean sweet potato enchiladas last night (and for lunch today).

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

What yummy sounding meals.. I just know you are a fantastic cook...