Monday, April 9, 2012

The Easter Bowtie, Among Other Easter Things

I thought I would make Ben a necktie.  But honestly, the pattern I got online just made my eyes cross.  I've had some sewing disasters recently (working on the blog post for those), so I steered in an easier direction:  the bowtie.  I can't get my husband to wear a bowtie, but why not my son?
I chose to sew the real tied bowtie because it took, literally, 20 minutes to make.  And thanks to Youtube, I can now tie a bowtie with ease.

The first bowtie I made was too small.  It fit Bella and Genevieve was delighted.

The next one was too big.  But yes, the third one was just right.  That madras says 1980s-Uncle-Ron-at-IBM in a very good way. 

Ben didn't mind wearing the bowtie at all, just in case you wondered.

Then there was my girl in her new headband from Granny.  And a Sunday dress from Aunt Mel that was mid-calf last year is now slightly above her knee. Oh my.

Between the bowtie sewing and regular Saturday chores, I did whip out Hot Cross Buns for Easter breakfast.  The recipe I used from Recipes from the Old Mill was a little fiddly and made enough for 2-3 breakfasts for us.  They were tasty, however, even if my fresh lemon juice and powdered sugar icing was more like a glaze and didn't make a cross.  My buns had raisins, dried cranberries, and dried apricots in them.

Another breakfast, I think we'll eat them unglazed with cheese on the side.

Then there was a lavish Easter dinner at my parents' house. 

the menu:
hamballs with pineapple sauce
buttered noodles
green beans almondine
sweet potatoes
homegrown sweet corn
creamy coleslaw
ciabatta rolls
Chocolate Eclair Dessert which is not what you think of when I talk about it.  I'll tell you about it in another post.


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

The bow tie is adorable.. Great job..
And the buns look too yummy.. So proud you and family had such a nice Easter.

Jennifer Jo said...

I like the picture of G in her headband. And the "oof" before the dessert.

We had ham and cheese sandwiches with the first lettuces for our Easter feast.

Rebecca said...

You know, the simple 10x sugar glaze defeats me more often than it doesn't. I ALWAYS get it too runny. The liquid: sugar ratio is so ridiculous I never believe it.

jodi said...

Oh my goodness, the bow tie is too adorable!! I'm definitely hungry now after reading the Easter menu. :) Sounds like a really wonderful weekend!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

LOVE the bow tie. He looks like a little southern gentleman. So cute!

Deanna Beth said...

Margo, apparently real, tied bowties are all the rage for stylish, serious smart boys at our high school. Brooks is two of those three things.

Rebecca, I always think the ratio is ridiculous, too, so I end up with way too much as I add more and more and more powdered sugar.

Polly said...

That is a fabulous bow tie.

Please tell me I will be able to make bow ties and hot cross buns (which I've never in my life eaten!) when my baby is not 15 months old and into ev.ery.thing.

I came here to catch up because last week was madness, and I've gained 5 lbs reading your posts. Ohhh, the deliciousness.

Margo said...

Yes, Polly, the babies get bigger and then they get excited about your projects. It's lovely. Ben was so excited to show his granny his bow tie Easter evening.

But I hope you don't get to this stage too quickly!!