Friday, March 30, 2012

My Favorite Birthday Gift

I confess that Ben was making a hotpad for Uncle Graham.  I asked him if he would consider giving the beautiful hotpad, his very first, to me since my birthday was a few days away and he could make another one for Uncle Graham.

Ben very sweetly said yes.

I am shameless.  But a mother has to look out for her own memories, right?

Ben wrapped the hotpad himself and I pretended to be very surprised when I opened it over breakfast in a little sunny cafe. 

I asked him to hold the hotpad so I could take a photo.  He did all the color selection for the weft.  I steered him to all white for the warp.  And look, Deanna Beth, I wove it with every other strand instead of every two.

My birthday was a lovely, peaceful day.  The sun came out, but we got a little shower too.  I had an entire hot fudge sundae with salted caramel and black cherry ice cream and by the end, it was just too much.  There was a little boutique shopping, a morning snooze and read on the sofa, and a bit of sewing.  My loved ones were with me, my loved ones called me and texted me.  Too bad I don't have another birthday until next year. . .


  1. Belated Happy Birthday.
    What a lovely hot pad.. and such a sweet little boy to make and give it to his mom..[dont blame you at all Mom...I would want the first one too.ha]
    Proud you had such a lovely birthday..

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a perfect day : ) Luckily, I think you could probably have a few more like it - even if it's not your birthday. You can call them "Mom's Love" days, or something ; )

  3. Ahhh, what a dreamy day! And, yes, you do have to look out for your own memories! Good mama.

    Happy birthday.

  4. Hey, look at that pretty thing! Well done, little Ben! I wouldn't change a thing. And happy birthday to my friend, Margo. But, ah, you are not yet divisible by ten....

  5. How sweet! Happy birthday! I am so delighted that you enjoyed yourself so.

  6. happy belated birthday to you! glad it was such a special day.

    the hotpad - a perfect gift!


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