Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Poor, dear, silly Spring. . ."

". . .preparing her annual surprise." (quote from a Wallace Stevens poem)

A pretty pink house with a red roof - those are ball-fringe curtains in the windows - with a delicate forsythia bush.

A happy day: we ate our first dandelion from our own back yard.  Ben proudly helped me pick it.  I couldn't help myself and weeded a flower bed.

Another happy, tiny little detail of my life is that the fat bar of French lavender soap has been washed away.

Its remaining little slivers were softened in water and melded onto the new bar of lavender soap.  I do this not out of thriftiness, but because my dad does it.  And I love my dad. 

Here's funny and real. Our children have only a little bit of dirt in their sandbox.  We're suddenly back into daily-bath-season.  Maybe that's why the soap is disappearing around here so quickly!

And I love Genevieve's outfit.  It is weirdly chic. There are several elements here to copy:  the mix of blues with dark green.  Knee-socks with capris.  Dark socks with light shoes. That killer part with the barrettes - very 70s, don't you think?

All of this spring contentment for Leila and Rosie's collection:  pretty happy funny real.


  1. The outfit is tres chic! Especially if she's going to work in the sandbox.
    Blessings, Annie

  2. Is that your house, Margo? It is charming! Our forsythia is also blooming already - I noticed it with amazement when I came home from work yesterday.

  3. very chic! I love putting barrettes like that in my girls hair. I even made them some ribbon ones, you know where you weave the two colors of thin ribbon in them? Oh and we have the dirt/sand box here too. It's time for a spring refill!

  4. Lisa, it's not. I took that photo on our weekend vacation.

    Tracy, I forgot about those ribbon barrettes! Gosh, my girl would love those. I'll have to see if I can make some.

  5. Ribbon barrettes! Suddenly I'm 4 years old again. I miss those things.

  6. Haha, they put "sand" in the sandbox for a reason ;)

    And then put the sandbox far enough away from the house so that the sand shakes off, mostly!

    That house is so adorable. Lots of contentment! Thanks for joining!

  7. WHat a gorgeous house. I love Genevieve's sandpit outfit:)

  8. Leila, one of the reasons they don't have sand is because they transported it OUT of the box to various locations around the yard. The rule is to keep it in the box, so the consequence was no sand til next year. Now it's "next year," so yes, we need to get sand.

    I keep a can of baby powder at the back door to help get the sand off.

  9. Your daughter is just precious! And I'm loving your father's soap idea.


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