Friday, March 23, 2012

The Powder-Blue Shirtdress (my first!)

I finally made a dress for myself after talking and daydreaming about it for a few years.

The fabric came from a king-sized Ralph Lauren sheet that I bought out of sheer love early in my married life.  We used it for a while until I became conscious that I didn't want to wear it out. So I put it in my cedar chest.  At one point, I was going to make a bedskirt out of it and started making lines on it with a Sharpie.  Thank goodness I stopped short.

The fabric is crisp and heavy.  The 10 buttons down the front were a bit pricey, so I used sparkly clear buttons at the cuffs. . . which I made up freestyle by looking at my husband's shirts.  The dress pattern (Simplicity 4171) had elbow-sleeves and I find them an awkward length for layering.  I have visions of layering this dress like a big shirt - over a skirt, under a skirt, under a cardi. . .

But for its debut, I just added turquoise earrings and brown boots. I have a red belt in the wings too.  And won't this look smart under a denim jacket? 

I admit that by the time I was done sewing this and fixing all the most obvious mistakes (a crooked belt loop, uneven cuffs, pinched collar facing, backwards lap of hem and facing), I hated the dress.  However, it fits me like a dream and that blue is so perfect.. . I'm coming around.

(thanks to my husband for the quick photo shoot after I came home from work)


  1. Love! Sweet and chic. The pattern is perfect and I love the fabric. Kudos on the thrifty use of sheets! You did a beautiful job on the sleeves...and the self-fabric belt makes it ; ) Such a great *first* dress! I'm inspired!

  2. I love shirt dresses.. and this one is beautiful. I love the sheet and so proud you put it up and saved it.
    It looks fantastic on you.Happy sewing.

  3. Cute! And the red belt should look great with it too!

  4. This is BEAUTIFUL! I love the fabric, I love the finished product, I love the boots! It is so pretty. Well DONE.

  5. Sorry. Hold on. Did you say this is your FIRST dress? Wow! By the time you make a couple more, you'll be a force to be reckoned with. You kinda already are. And yes, it will look DIVINE with a denim jacket.

  6. Marianna, thank you! I should emphasize that I have been sewing for several years and I did make 2 little dresses for my daughter. The fitting is a lot more complicated on an adult, though.


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