Monday, April 4, 2011

Goodbye Butternut, Hello Dandelion

We ate the last winter squash two weeks ago (duly noted for next year's plan and storage).  I made a pureed soup and then Three Sisters' Stew which reminds me of a southwestern chili.  Apparently the Native Americans called corn, beans, and squash the three sisters.  Blurry photo, but documented.

And then, hallelujah, the dandelion sprouted in our yard and appeared on market.

We ate it on a bed of roasted potatoes, with hot bacon dressing and chopped hardboiled egg.  Delish. With biscuits and strawberry jam on the side.  Hello, spring!  We sure are ready to have you back.


Tracy said...

Both the Three Sisters Stew and the dandelions over potatoes sound really good. I have been craving and eating green salads like crazy this past week, but the butternut squash still sounds good to me too. I have two sitting on my counter right now.

Elaine said...

My husband says that dandelion salad is a typical dish here in eastern Croatia...I can't wait to try it! Still a bit too early in the season for them here, though.

BLD in MT said...

Both sound super tasty to me. All winter long I've been reading about eating dandelions and other "weeds." I've never tried it, but this year I can't wait to give it a go. We just finished our last winter squash a couple weeks ago...too early. Oh well, as you said, duly noted for next year.

Margo said...

Elaine, how do the Croations eat dandelion? I'm curious.

Anonymous said...

Although spring is in full swing down here, it feels like summer to me already. (This is what you get when a Northern Girl moves further South.) Your salad of greens is darned inspiring. I'm off to the market! (Once I figure out where it is.)


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