Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Last of the Garlic

Rachel found some local garlic back in July and I am now down to the last few bulbs of my half bushel.  Good to know For the Record. 

I adore garlic and I don't use a garlic press:  I chop it fine and put it in at the end of a cooked dish, so its flavor can be noticed.  Or I use it raw (pesto, salad dressing, hummus, etc.).  Yum.  My mother says my children smell like garlic.

And speaking of Rachel, I made her this flower as a thank you  - she knows what she did. 

And the wrapping of the little flower necessitated the holepunch, which led to an Accidental Clean.  I like how my life is all connected!


Rachel said...

you are almost done with all that garlic??! wow! we aren't that close yet, and i thought we used a lot :)

and this is funny...i haven't picked up the wonderful flower yet! peter said he'd picked up things from the church mailbox so i waited until i got home to look for the "something special" from you...and turns out, he must have gotten them before you put it in! so now i know what i have to look forward to! thanks!!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I love your first two photos!

Polly said...

I love that first photo!!!

And now I want to find some local garlic. Your supply stored so well!!

BLD in MT said...

I can't get enough garlic. It is my favorite flavor. I think it goes with everything. Our local garlic from last year is already gone...note to self taken! Nice photos!

Tracy said...

The first photo is very eye-catching, Margo!

I love garlic, and use it in everything I can. And, it's so good for you!