Friday, April 22, 2011

"hot dogs, fries, a chocolate shake - Dodger needs a potty break"

That line from Racer Dogs was the inspiration for Ben's birthday - plus some broccoli, popcorn, and chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.

And Lady Gaga (my cousin in Genevieve's tutu). 

Genevieve gave Ben a present, her own creation entirely, as soon as she woke up.  So sweet.

Being that it's Holy Week, we did Ben's birthday a bit on the fly. . . .Mr. Thrift did the racer dog, Dodger, on the cake beautifully and then I slapdashed the words as I ran by.

And the balloons remained in a pool, not strung  up as intended.

But the birthday boy noticed none of the shortcuts and all of the glory.  I love the simplicity of a child's joy - so inspirational.


Tracy said...

Inspirational, indeed! Oh, to be so easily satisfied! My oldest boy's birthday is tomorrow. Is it possible that I can be the mother of a 20 year old? It doesn't feel like it!

Jennifer Jo said...

That dog is awesome.

And so is the balloon puddle---I think it's actually classier than hanging them. (Not that I ever thought of it before now...)

Unknown said...

My boys love singing the birthday song. They sing it throughout the day! It doesn't matter if it's their birthday or someone else's : )

Anonymous said...

Chocolate cake with peanut butter is my FAVORITE kind of cake. And no one else in my family has the good taste to share my opinion. So sad.