Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Asparagus, Into a Pizza

Last year we had the first asparagus two weeks early and it was next to a pizza.

 This year, I spotted a recipe in Real Simple that used ricotta; I had a bargain container of ricotta in the fridge and not one recipe in mind (of course, when I don't have ricotta, then I see tempting recipes including ricotta all the time).

I spread ricotta on the pizza dough, sprinkled on chopped garlic, asparagus, and parmesan. 

At the table, we topped our slices with radish greens (recipe called for arugula) in a lemony vinaigrette.  I have baked greens on pizzas before and that is good, but eating lightly dressed greens on top of the hot slice was a delightful contrast.

 We will definitely do it again, maybe with a sprinkle of green olives too.  This will be another ricotta trick:  an easy, tasty white pizza.

We also had a traditional tomato sauce pizza with mushrooms.

And then I froze the rest of the ricotta - it can wait for the next white pizza.


life in this 1880 farmhouse said...

Not sure you can freeze Ricotta......but your recipe looks really good.

Margo said...

I have frozen ricotta for a few years now - I thaw it and use it as normal, which for me, is usually in something baked. I freeze regular cheese too - that gets a little crumbly when it's thawed.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Delish!!! I love the idea of spreading ricotta on pizza. I've been into grilling our pizzas lately which adds such a nice, somewhat subtle, taste and texture.

Sarah Barry said...

mmmmm...glad to know you can freeze ricotta. i love a homemade pizza of all varieties. its our friday night ritual.

Polly said...

This is setting off a vicious craving for me. The farmers' market BETTER be open tomorrow and they MUST have asparagus!!!

Anonymous said...

I've had asparagus on the brain for the last two days. I love to grill it, but your pizza idea sounds heavenly.

Gina said...

What a yummy idea! I just can't wait for it to warm up so that our asparagus starts growing! And I'll be remembering this idea!