Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Gifts

I looked at my dining room table Saturday afternoon, at three piles for three occasions.

Palm Sunday songleading - - walking into worship ahead of the congregation and inviting them to follow as we sing. That's worship leading. Took me years to understand that.

(Hyacinth from A's son - I must plant some hyacinths this year for their heady scent)

Birthday gift (a book by Rumer Godden) for our neighbor Kim. I love using a postcard as greeting card and decoration on top of a present.

The ribbon was saved from a box of chocolates a few months ago.

Hostess gift for my cousin's dinner party. She requested that we all bring flowers to celebrate spring - my daffies didn't open up as soon as I thought they would! And I took her two bright dishcloths in a little pottery bowl because she is gathering things for her college apartment.

A little glow of satisfaction, tending to these gifts for loved ones on this busy weekend.


Unknown said...

I was part of the worship team in my home church...I miss that sometimes now. We have a CD of some of the songs and you can hear me along with the other parts...the boys like my solo the best. I tell the boys "that's your Momma singing"
We all sing together as a congregation at the church we attend now. I love listening to my boys singing out beside me - funny words and all : )

Anonymous said...

My mom introduced me to re-using greeting card covers two Christmases ago. After checking her Christmas card list with the cards she received the previous year, she then cut them apart and saved the covers for decorating presents at the following Christmas. The presents she adorned were beautiful! Of course, we're now transitioning to cloth/reusable gift bags so I need to think up a new second use for greeting cards.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

And it's the little delights that make the giver and receiver smile.

I love your thoughts on leading worship. Beautiful!

Margo said...

Punk, I've made tiny little boxes out of greeting cards. They are great hanging as ornaments, but also little gift boxes for jewelry too.
I used the directions HERE:

I adore paper so much that I haven't switched to cloth bags. I do recycle the paper, but still, reusable bags are better environmentally.

Anonymous said...

We use the same Hymnal at our church! I love enjoyed your thoughts on Worship Leading. ~lisa