Saturday, February 4, 2012

International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

This was supposed to be a quirky little mid-winter holiday.  I borrowed two waffle makers from my in-laws because I don't own any, and I've never made waffles before.  The newer waffle iron worked great and I felt like a pro.  The other one was the classic waffle issue: digging out tiny bits of sticking waffle with a chopstick.  Not fun.

But the ice cream!  The star of the morning:  it just didn't freeze in time, nor did the children eat any.  I knew they were struggling with colds, but now I know how puny-sick they are.  Genevieve informed me that she doesn't like vanilla.  Ok. . . what?!

It was still fun, and we'll try again next year.  First Saturday in February - mark your calendars!


  1. It is a Saturday breakfast here at the cottage...waffles and ice cream - yum!


  2. Margo, for Pete's sake - you should have mentioned it last night! It's too late for breakfast now - (sniff, sniff) not that I have any ice cream in the house, anyway, and the ice cream freezer isn't frozen, so I couldn't have made any.



  3. Lisa, I know - I've had a busy week and I wasn't going to do it, but I changed my mind at the last minute for the sake of the silliness. You can make your own quirky holiday - let me know in advance and we'll join you again!

  4. yes, I will mark our calenders! My mother used to do this when I had friends over for sleepovers--we stayed up giggling half he night, and in the morning we had waffles topped with ice cream. It was decadent and so fun! I still have her waffle maker and fully intend to do the same thing when my children have sleepovers.....

  5. sounds yummy. Sorry the kids are not feeling well..When they dont eat ice cream...we know..they are sick.ha.. Praying they feel better soon.

  6. I LOVE that idea...waffles with ice cream. best breakfast ever if you ask me :) Sad that your little ones weren't feeling well. Hope they feel better soon!

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