Friday, February 3, 2012

My Christmas Gift from Mr. Thrift

Under-cabinet lights in the kitchen!  I'm so pleased.  Ours is the third kitchen my father in law has installed under-cabinet lights in.  He and my husband planned this, but my father in law did the work.

I am so thrilled.  Light!  in midwinter!

And, a startling side effect:  obvious smudges and fingerprints everywhere my pretty new lights shine.  There's a spiritual metaphor there.


Beth said...

Lovely! What a great gift! Worth seeing a few extra smudges, I'd say!!

Brandon did the same thing for ours a while back. Ahhh, I can SEE. He's added light all over, by the way, and I so appreciate it (can lights in the living room, extra overhead light in our kitchen, halleluia!)

maria said...

What an amazing gift this is! There is nothing like having light shine upon what you are doing :-)

Your kitchen looks lovely.

I am new visiting you...thank you for sharing :-)


Lisa said...

Oh, so important. We have one over the stove - what a difference!

Deanna Beth said...

A pretty picture. What a nice effect.

Sarah Barry said...

Yippee! Nice gift.

I like your gray tile backsplash a lot!

Tracy said...

GREAT metaphor! Pretty lights, too!

Polly said...

Oh, you lucky thing! Are these difficult to install? We're going to redo the lighting in our kitchen sometime, and I'd love to add this to the list--I'd only need or want a couple, but they would be super.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Once you have them it's kind of amazing to think about how dark your work surfaces used to be. I love my under-cabinet lighting.

Margo said...

Polly, I think installation depends on the layout of the cabinets and outlets. My father in law had to spend an hour or two figuring it out before he could do anything. He has also definitely handled electric work before and knows what he's doing.
I love love love these lights! They are "hockey-puck" style LEDs from Ikea. There are 8 (because they come in packs of 4), and they are all on one switch.
Hope this was helpful to your planning!