Monday, February 13, 2012

Dark Days 12: Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?

Oh yes she can, and make it local too!

Genevieve and I picked cherries last summer and then we sat on the porch with Ben and pitted most of the cherries.  I say most, because we found a fair amount of pits in our pie.

We had some of our own ice cream with the pie, left from breakfast last week and by now thoroughly frozen.

The cherry pie followed a meal of 1000 Island Slaw with Chicken and baked sweet potatoes. 

I adore this coleslaw, and I loved how the flavors all went together in this menu.

I bought local chicken breasts and roasted them.  Ben liked picking the meat off the bones.  Then I made a little pot of stock with the bones, which turned out to be providential because my husband came down with the nasty cold that is everywhere right now.  Real chicken stock fights that junk like nothing else!

(Specifically, Dark Days' ingredients, all local, and where noted, organic:  organic chicken, homemade mayo with local eggs, homecanned pickle relish with local veggies, homemade ketchup with organic tomatoes, organic cabbage, organic scallions, organic sweet potatoes, cherries, organic WW pastry flour, butter)


Jennifer Jo said...

That slaw would be fabulous with sweet potato. Now I want some. (There are some poached chicken breasts sitting on the counter but now cabbage in the house. I'll be going to town tomorrow night though...)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm hungry now.

Crystal said...

This will be supper tomorrow night. I was trying to come up with something to do with chicken and nothing sounded just right until I read that recipe!

Thanks to Margo and Jennifer Jo.


Victoria said...

Fantastic...getting ravenous on my train ride home! Love the cherries!

Polly said...

I have sweet potatoes, a cabbage, and frozen cherries. And this cherry pie bit has set off a craving. I'm going to make this for my family this week!!!

Cherry pie is my very favorite...I just love it so much. It's the best winter treat ever with ice cream! We always have frozen cherries around....yum.

maria said...

I pray that your husband begins to feel better. Chicken soup really is the best way to fight a cold.

sara said...

It all looks so delicious Margo, can I pop round for lunch. So excited to hear you're knitting socks. x

Crystal said...

I made it and it was delicious! Very excited about having a new recipe that's easy and pleased everyone at the table (at least tonight!).

Amy @ Minnesota Locavore said...

No better way to make it through the Dark Days than cherry pie!