Monday, February 20, 2012

Dark Days 13: Meatless

The storage onions are tired of winter, but at least I can find local onions this winter.  Last winter, they disappeared from market around November.

Overhead as Ben dug seeds out of the crook-neck pumpkin: "Nasty nasty slimey junk."
The Dark Days' people have issued some themes as contests.  The current contest is vegetarian.  No problem - we eat vegetarian most of the time.

I was pleased with the balance of tastes, textures, and nutrition in this menu.  However, the casserole was less than great because I absentmindedly doubled the yogurt.  I've made this casserole before and we like it, but this time it was watery and the squash was puny because it was a bad season for squash.  Plus, I had carefully fiddled with the seeds to have something local and crunchy for the top, but they were just too hard for pleasant texture. 

The bean spread, however, was lovely.  I modeled it on hummus, but used as much local stuff as possible.  I even plucked some parsley out of my back yard that had survived the winter.

Arabian Squash Casserole (from Moosewood)
green salad with honey mustard dressing
homemade tortillas with white bean spread

Dark Days' Ingredients, all local, and where specified, organic:  organic crook-neck pumpkin, homemade yogurt, organic goat's-milk feta, organic onion, organic green and purple lettuce, organic honey, horseradish, organic WW pastry flour, milk, butter, organic white beans, organic parsley, organic garlic


maria said...

I have tried to go meatless...but my husband and sons will not have it.

Thank you for sharing.


Rachel said...

The sprouting onion cracks me up. Last year, our storage onions sprouted like crazy, but this year, they are behaving themselves.

I tried your tortilla recipe (well, a hybrid between yours and Deborah Madison's) and it is definitely a winner.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Sounds yummy.
Once my husband , gets a little better from his back surgery, I am going to try some of your recipes.. Sounds soooo good..