Friday, February 17, 2012

"Sunny Aspen" Lounge Pants

I love to think of a ski resort with a lodge and roaring fireplaces and glamorous furry boots for a dinner out.  And then, to have some sun glittering on the snow while skiing would be nice. 
However, I would never wear these lounge pants to Aspen or anywhere else.  Home pants, baby, home pants. The name came from the fabric selvedge.

They are warmer than the usual lounge pants (but no more flattering), but oddly let in some drafts.

I cut out side-seam pockets to add to them, but realized halfway through sewing them that these pants have no side seams.  Oh. I added a little ribbon to the back so it's easier to know where the roomy side is.

And I discovered that I had two identical patterns in my stash, so one is in the shop.


  1. That is SO funny that you did that about the pockets! I did the same thing with a pair of PJ bottoms a couple years ago. I was so disappointed. I actually ended up sewing a couple pockets on the backside "seat" area because I feel "naked without pockets".

    LOVE the material! :)

  2. Hi Julie - so glad I'm not the only one! And yes, I want to add pockets somewhere to these pants.

  3. Margo...those pants must be really warm and cozy. Just perfect :)

    Peace be with you today,

  4. They look super comfortable and warm..Enjoy..
    Happy sewing.
    ps. Hope your feeling better with the reflux..

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