Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Pretty are the hotpads I made recently.  One set for the youth group fundraising auction, one set for the shop.

Happy is the commuter whose cool bike cost just $40.  Why take the bus (he could) when you could be stylin' vintage?

Funny is the boy who uses the camera as a mirror, checking his image after each photo.

And sweet to oblige me when I'm experimenting with the light and camera settings.

Real is the squash that finally fell off the ledge and broke.  I shrugged - the cold storage had worked well and this was the last squash. 

Actually, I spent quite a bit of time hacking the very very tough shell off this thing.  I felt triumphant about wrestling dinner.

Joining Leila and Rosie's collection of everyday contentment.


  1. I love your collection of everyday contentment Margo, the patchwork hotpads are lovely.

  2. Love your hot pads and your little guys is so very sweet! A lovely post :) Have a great day!

  3. I am visiting from Like Mother, Like Daughter. Your potholders a re lovely. I must go check out your etsy shop! This is my first visit to your blog...absolutely lovely. Can't wait to visit again.

  4. Your potholders are lovely! I have been thinking of making some myself to match my kitchen.
    Visiting you from Like Mother, Like Daughter.

  5. Ooo! Love the bike! I hope to be able to start biking again when the boys get older...I used to bike all over the place. We found me a ladies 21 speed mountain bike at a the transfer station last Summer...I can't wait!

  6. I also love those potholders!

  7. Beautiful post. Those hotpads are lovely.

  8. cute cute hotpads -- and a cute little boy too.


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