Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday Dinner: New Green Beans

There are actually no new tricks to this Sunday dinner to share with you, but there are the first green beans from our garden!

Thursday:put steaks in fridge to thaw

marinate steaks (recipe here)
trim green beans

Sunday morning:
oil, prick potatoes - put in slow cooker (high for 2-4 hours)
Sunday noon:
set table
grill steaks
steam green beans, douse with brown butter
open jar of pickled beets


A few notes:I have not made baked potatoes in a crock pot before, but I plan to use that thing as much as possible this summer to keep the heat out of the house.   The potatoes came out beautifully.

I kept one steak back - with plans to make a hearty dinner salad later in the week.  Possibly a Pittsburgh salad with roasted potatoes and blue cheese dressing.

Our green beans are the first ones we know of around here.  My husband planted them April 11, which is well before our frost-free date as the seed packet advised.  We did have to cover them once, but my husband explained that cities are "heat sinks" that keep heat more than rural spaces.  Good in the winter, bad in the summer and the reason why so many city people used to flee to the country for the summer months.


Tracy said...

Your husband is a smart one!

Jennifer Jo said...

I've never done baked potatoes in the crockpot---they look delicious!

And that possible future salad you mentioned? It sounds soooo exotic!

Margo said...

JJ, technically it should be french fries, but roasted potatoes are the closest I get to that flavor at home (I am nervous about deep fat frying). There's not really a recipe for this salad - apparently, people in Pittsburgh put fries on anything they eat.

Anna said...

We are still waiting for any kind of heat wave ... 'sink' or not! Brrr. It's still cold here! Our beans are just little shoots still.

Your meal looks fantastic. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Margot, thanks for commenting on my blog, and for leading me to yours! I'm also enjoying food from my tiny garden; your beans are beautiful. But I have to ask you: what is a Pittsburgh salad? Having lived in Pittsburgh my entire life before moving to DC, I have to know!!

Margo said...

French Corner, I thought it was a Pittsburgh thing to put french fries on anything. So a Pittsburgh salad has fries on it - and the version I love also has some steak or beef tips on it, plus blue cheese. Seriously good. I'm curious to know your take on regional Pittsburgh food - my info is all secondhand.

Crystal said...

I have some leftover roast beef and was going to try the beef and lettuce recipe from More with Less. I don't have fresh tomatoes or cucumber, but I was going to add some roasted tomatoes and sugar snap peas. Have you tried that recipe?

Yeah, for early green beans. I purposely planted my late because I didn't want them to be ready before we returned from our trip to Pittsburgh. Guess we'll have see if we are served french fries with our meals!

Anonymous said...

French fries and coleslaw on sandwiches is a Primanti Brothers (Pittsburgh restaurant) thing. Often imitated, never duplicated.

Margo said...

Crys, if you mean Lettuce-Tomato with Beef, YES!!!! it's one of my favorite salads, ever. I guess I haven't blogged about it yet, but I just got local tomatoes at market today and that is the first thing I thought of making. I like to add some snipped basil to the dressing too.

TessaDiane said...

Potatoes in the crockpot. Brilliant!

Beth said...

The meal looks perfectly rounded out, as ususal, Margo!

And congratulations on your job. I know you'll rock it! :-)

kyleann33 said...

Wow, so glad you mentioned cooking potatoes in the crockpot, I'll have to try that! Your city green beans are way ahead of ours! What a smart idea to plant them early & cover when needed. Good to see you at market today!

Crystal said...

Margo - yes, I was referring to the lettuce beef salad and it was great - even better because both of my children ate it without too much insistence on my part. I found cucumbers at our farmer's market this morning which made me rather excited. The roasted tomatoes were good, but fresh ones will put it over the top.

Have you had your beef and potato salad yet?

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Your beans look so fresh and crisp. There is something so satisfying about eating what one has grown.

What on earth is Pittsburgh salad?????