Friday, June 10, 2011

Tucking the Winter Wraps Safely Away

For years I went along never washing my winter wraps - ever.  (I did notice they got a peculiar little skin-contact smell).  Then a moth chewed up a beloved winter coat and I suddenly woke up to the world of Keeping Moths Out and Airing Things.

Now, at the end of a season, I make sure all the clothes and outerwear are clean before they are put away for the final time.  Last week, there was such an abundance of good laundry days that I could spend a whole day putting the winter things through the suds and into the sun.

I'm again ignoring "dry clean only" on blazers, handwashing and then hanging on a hanger to dry.

Washable suede gloves from Lands' End, bought on clearance last year. Smart Lands' End.

Handwashed the knitted scarves and the fur ruff from my coat.  I love this sweater drying rack so much because it is all one piece and collapses into a disc for storage.  I love to discover clever space savers.

I did take some wool things to a drycleaner after I hunted down a coupon online.  Among those things was my father's Irish wool fisherman's sweater, bought on a trip to Ireland in the 70s and passed to me in the 90s.  I think I would cry if a moth got that. 

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Beth said...

Great, thorough job on the winter stuff. I know it feels great to have it done!

1) We have so few truly wintery items!
2) Love the Summer 2001 Signature Skirt
3) Jealous (in a happy friendly way, haha) of your back yard garden and flower setup. Wonderful! We have basil growing from last years' going to seed and portulaca growing also from last year's plants seeding. Oh, and baby rose bush! That's all our plants. :-)